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The Palmetto Theater is operated by Hampton Friends of the Arts, Inc. a  501(c)(3) nonprofit. Besides presenting great art and entertainment across three venues in Downtown Hampton, we engage in educational and community development activities to help our community thrive!


Open to teens 13 & up, Our Blight Busters Squad will work to beautify designated areas in Hampton County that are blighted (run down, damaged, overgrown, or generally in disrepair). We will do this in cooperation with government and other groups by designing public art, landscaping, and other types of public spaces. Teens will get valuable exposure to a variety of professional careers while changing the very face of Hampton County. PLUS, we are excited to announce that these youth will have the opportunity to participate in a design workshop in October at  The Walt Disney World Resort, in Florida! To apply as a member of our Blight Busters squad, click here !

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Stay tuned for opportunities for creative entrepreneurs in our incubator space!


Pegboard Press/Printshop Plaza

Master printmaker Ian Welch has relocated his studio from Toledo, Ohio out behind the movie theater and with the help of our summer campers created a whole new area for outdoor learning and creating! Expect artist residencies and exchanges happening soon.

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